The Sacred Texts Beyond Our Grasp

A contemporary interpretation of Kali; one of the common participants in the Tantras in the Śakta tradition.

And how to cultivate the experience of freedom.

When The World Is Your Oyster.

The Four Sights… A depiction of the suffering witnessed by the Buddha.

An Exploration in Tantric Relationship

Happy people enjoying life!

The Ancient Lineage of the Sacred Intimate

The Temple

  1. Clear goals and feedback;
  2. A balance between skill and the challenge;
  3. Pure concentration on the task;
  4. Perfect merging between action and awareness;
  5. Loss of self-consciousness (but not self-awareness);
  6. Altered sense of…

Whether you call it sexual healing, sensual healing, tantric healing, sexological bodywork, tantric massage, tantric instruction, or good old erotic massage… finding the right practitioner can be hard!

Matthias Rose

Guide to sacred sexuality and sexual spirituality.

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